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Beeswax Wraps-Flower Trellis-Very Limited Edition

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Eco Friendly Beeswax food wraps. Great for wrapping your food to keep it fresh.  This reusable  cling wrap is an eco friendly product made here in Cornwall using Cornish and British beeswax, Damar Resin ( docent smell like Pine resin does), and extra virgin olive oil. Our beeswax wraps are made in small quantise, by hand, so we can produce a greater variety of designs than the big boys, and is sizes to suit all your needs.

Our self sealing, reusable eco wrap comes in a variety of sizes :

Small 20 x 20 cm Great for wrapping cheese, pots, bowls and making mini snack pouches.

Medium 30 x 30 cm . Good all rounder  size. Especially great for Sandwiches and packed lunches.

Large 40 x 40 cm. Great for large packed lunches, half a loaf of bread, covering dinner plates and much , much more.

XL 50 x 50 cm. our biggest ever size is big enough to wrap and keep your bread fresh for twice as long. Also good to wrap your picnic, or cover big salad or bread proving bowls.

Mixed pack contains 3 wraps.  Small, medium and large. A great gift option.