Truro market

I'm going to try to answer most of the questions I get asked on our stall at Truro farmers market, but by all means do contact me if you have anymore.

Can I reuse Beeswax wrap?

YES of Course you can. Brush any crumbs off if you’ve wrapped dry food , no wash needed! If it needs it simply rinse off under a cold tap or wash gently in cold water using a mild soap so as not to damage the wax, and they’ll be ready for their next use. If you follow our care instructions, your wraps should last for around a year. We also offer a refresher kit with full instructions which can be used every three months which can keep your wraps going for years to come.

Can I wrap anything in Beeswaxwrap?

We recommend that you wash your wraps in cold or very cool water, so for this reason we do not recommend them for wrapping raw meat or fish. Our Beeswax formula is antibacterial, but best to be safe. Raw meat or fish can always be put in a bowl, then cover the bowl with the wrap so that it does not come in to contact with the raw meat or fish.

Do beeswax wraps smell or taint the food?

Some wraps out there do smell, but not ours. BeeRetro use Food Grade Damar Resin rather than Pine Resin to add extra stick to our lovely food wraps, so no smell will transfer to your food. Damar Resin comes from tree sap and is allergen free, where as some pine resins used for wraps are not food grade and can cause issues to people with severe nut allergy.

Do beeswax wraps get smelly?

On the whole no, however if its really smelly , like onion or strong cheese I have notices that a scent can permeate older wax wraps, so keep them topped up with our refresher block to eliminate this or save a small wrap just for your onions perhaps.

Do Beeswax wraps stain?

To avoid stains and keep your wraps in tip top condition you need to avoid direct contact with things that usually would stain your clothes e.g. beetroot, strawberries etc. If you refresh your wraps every two to three months with our refresher block you will keep them looking FAB for longer.

How do I store Beeswax wrap?

You can fold it, roll it, fridge it, hang it, put it in a draw or store in a jar, its up to you. They are so pretty I like to show mine off sometimes by sticking them on the fridge with a magnet! As long as they are air dried before you put them away, they will be fine and ready to use when you are.

Can I put beeswax wrap in the microwave?

Please don’t. The intense heat will destroy them.

Can I put beeswax wrap in the dishwasher?

Again, please don’t. You will be left with a piece of cotton and a waxy dishwasher.

Can I put Beeswax wrap in the fridge or freezer?

Absolutely, yes you can. Beeswax wrap works even better if you wrap your food then chill it. The wax will set hard and keep your packed lunch cold for ages. It loves the freezer too. But when you take it out of the freezer let it relax for a while before opening so as not to damage the wax formula.

Can I put Beeswax wrap in the oven?

Please don’t try to use your wrap to cover food in the oven. You will destroy the wrap and possibly your oven! Beeswax is after all a wax and has flammable properties. However under strict measures you can refresh and rewax your wrap in an oven. You can use our DIY or Refresher kits for this, but you must follow the instructions carefully and never leave anything in the oven unattended. BeeRetro can not be help liable for any damage to your oven , home or appliances occuring from using our wax kits.

How long will my beeswax wrap last?

Generally your wrap will last about one year. It will slowly loose its sticky quality over time. Its still good to use in this state as long as there is still wax on the fabric to keep it fresh. We like to offer a little extra though which is why we made or refresher block. We made this using the exact same ingredients as our wraps and the block comes with very easy to follow instructions. To keep your wrap going for even longer you will need to use our refresher block every three months to keep your wraps going for years. One block should keep a three pack going for a couple of years longer if used regularly.

Whats in your beeswax wrap?

Its all in the name really. Our main ingredient is Cornish Beeswax which has been used to preserve food such as cheese and lemons for 100s of years. Its edible, naturally antibacterial and prevents mould and bacterial growth. We love our bees here in Cornwall and I know from being a keen appirist that our bees are happy and looked after working in line with the Beekeepers Association rules and guidelines and are essential for pollination of our local farmers crops and apple orchards.

Our second ingredient is Damar Resin, (tree sap) used in natural chewing gum, gum arabic and as a geling agent on sweets and glazes. We use it to make your wraps stick to themselves and to make the beeswax more flexible. We specifically use Damar Resin instead of pine resin for two reasons.

• Damar resin has no odor.
• Damar resin is nut free.

Our final ingredient is Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We use this to add flexibility to your wrap. Some companies use Jojoba oil, which does offer a slight antibacterial property, however as we are supper cautious about nut allergens we do not use it. Jojoba is a nut and we know people with severe nut allergies can also be allergic to this ingredient.

Do you make Vegan food wraps?

Yes we do. We don’t want anyone to miss out on our lovely wraps so especially for you I've been working on a suitable formula for our Vegan food wraps. I use GOTS certified Organic fabrics, so no pesticides or insect based fabric dyes or coatings go on the fabrics. I then wax them in a mixture of Soya, Candillila and Jojoba wax. The Jojoba is used to add some extra antibacterial quality, as beeswax can not be used her. All VEGAN waxes are stored and applied via separate methods in a different work space.

Do you sell to trade?

Yes we do, simply email or phone for a chat and a trade price list.

BeeRetro is also proud to offer our co-brand programme as the perfect way to build sustainability and plastic-free alternatives into your product lines. Contact me direct for a chat about this service. 07745373344 or

We hope that's answered a few of your questions. If not please do contact me direct. No question is ever a silly one, and it might be an answer I can add to my FAQs above.